About the Author

Ferne Saltzman  is a 30-year veteran photographer with many awards and “Best of Show” credits to her name in nature and portrait photography.  For 11 years she was the Official Photographer of the Albuquerque International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot-air ballooning event in the world, and her photographs from that event have been honored on the diorama in Times Square.

As a prolific travel writer, her work has been published in over 48 publications including the Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Examiner, Westways Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, Petersen’s Photographic Magazine, and several others.

She has traveled on all seven continents, documenting and photographing in over 100 countries. She also gives self-narrated photo shows to audiences all over the greater Los Angeles area. Her love of nature and her keen eye have made her photography exceptional and her photography classes always full to the brim. Using the poetry in this book she has given poetry and image shows to Science of Mind Churches and retreats with audiences often numbering over 1100 people.

Ferne has been involved in New Thought for over 50 years and taught a course called “Constructive Self Centeredness,” at Los Angeles Pierce College, focusing on the Science of Mind Principles. This led to her book ’Facets of my Soul,’ which beautifully chronicles in poetry and art her spiritual journey from self-questioning to self-awareness.

Saltzman was born in New Jersey, has two children and one grandchild, and lives with her husband of 63 years in Los Angeles.

Saving the life of a child is an act that makes the angels sing and brings blessings to all involved.