What Folks are Saying

“I want to congratulate and fully support Ferne Saltzman on her noble quest to solve one of the dark and hideous problems of our planet….HUMAN TRAFFICKING!There are so many disturbing aspects to this scourge; These are young children. These young childre n are beaten and enslaved. They are forced into sex acts…often with multiple partners. This activity often leads to STDs….pregnancies…abortions…and drug use. I hope you are touched by Ferne’s work. If you’re someone whose heart aches for a world that allows this to occur,,,please support Ferne in her work!”

Fritz Coleman

NBC TV news anchor

“Facets is a beautiful poetic journey complimented with beautiful photography which takes the reader inward to consider the depth of one’s heart mind and soul. Truly an experience worth embarking on.”

Alan Smyth

Executive Director, Saving Innocence

“There is no more important issue in the world than the stealing, torture and violent abuse of children and no more important mission than fighting it. This stunning book “Facets of my Soul” by Ferne Saltzman eloquently takes us to the beautiful side of life; spiritual, uplifting, peaceful, and happy. Reading it heals the reader and hopefully will help rescue these young children.”

Rev. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker

Author, “What you think of me is None of my Business,” “Dare to be Great,” “Love & Power in a World Without Limits;” mentor, counselor and spiritual teacher, TV minister.

“This special book is about beautiful and inspiring poetry, introspective musings on life, love, and God, and it is embellished by lovely abstracts of nature and of light. It is touching, thought-provoking, and uplifting. It leaves you with a good feeling in your soul.”

Jim Zuckerman

Author of 26 books on photography. He is internationally recognized for his nature and wildlife photos as well as his artistic digital effects.

“Ferne Saltzman photographs the world with divine eyesight. Likewise, her poetry nourishes our hearts, feeds our souls and speaks to us of a Universal Presence. This book is beautiful and makes the reader feel good about life.”

Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra

Senior Minister, North Hollywood Church of Religious Science

“Some say that God moves through each of us, uniquely expressing Itself in the language of our emotions, words and deeds. Ferne Saltzman is an awakened instrument of the Divine. Her eyes, her mind, her heart and her very soul shine through on every page of this book. If you are an open and willing recipient of the energy of love in its highest vibration contained within the pages of this book, your heart will open. In the process you will feel a stirring of your soul that brings with it healing, light, and a deep sense of connection with Life. That is why this book matters… and why YOU matter as well. There is only One of us here.”

Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones

Award-winning author of the best-selling book, The Art of Uncertainty – How to Live in The Mystery of Life and Love It, and The Art of Abundance - Ten Rules for A Prosperous Life http://www.dennismerrittjones.com/

There is no task so noble as protecting and nurturing the life of an innocent child.