Facets of my Soul

Poetry and Photography by Ferne Saltzman

About the Book

Facets of my Soul is a book of inspiring, spiritual poetry illustrated by carefully selected photographs that not only enhance the serenity of each poem but, in and of themselves, create a mood of peaceful tranquility and a meditational ambience. Together they foster deep peace and introspection that lifts your mood and helps you understand what a magnificent being you are.

Ferne’s multi-decade search for Truth has produced volumes of uplifting poetry and thousands of evocative images. It is a consciousness-raising experience to read and embody this book.

ALL PROFITS from the sale of this hard cover, coffee table book go to the non-profit Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, which is dedicated to helping rescue and rehabilitate young girls ages 11-17 who have been victims of sex trafficking.

This is an important book that can improve the quality of your life and save so many others.