Mission Statement

There is nothing more precious than the innocence of a child. It vanishes quickly enough on its own, but when it is wrenched away forcibly and children not only lose their youth but their freedom and a decent life, it’s time to act. In California alone there are several thousands young girls from the ages of 11-17 who are snatched off the streets annually and forced into sex slavery. They endure violent cruelty, multiple sex partners every single day, are beaten, often drugged into submission, suffer STD’s, pregnancies, abortions, unimaginable cruelty, and live lives of unthinkable horror. AND THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!!!!

“I have a teenage granddaughter, and to think that this might have happened to her is the motivation for what I am doing to save these young girls. After meeting several girls who had been rescued off the street by police officers and seeing the nurturing environment in which they were placed, I have pledged every dollar of profit from the sale of my new book to help with this horrendous problem. All money earned will go towards educating the public about the problem by:

  • getting more eyes on the ground at airports, bus depots and train stations
  • increasing awareness for students, educators, law enforcement, parents, and the public
  • building halfway houses for rescued girls for counseling, education, and job placement”

Ferne Saltzman

We may not be able to rescue or save all these girls, but whether we save a few thousand or just a few, it will have been a new life of promise and hope for them – and a blessing beyond words for those who help.